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Hallo makes it easy to find your future students, learn from them, and connect them with the companies they’ll go on to be successful with.
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Hallo helps your company engage with the next generation of talent while learning valuable data.
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From small liberal arts colleges to big state schools to the ivy league, join Hallo's growing list of incredible university partners
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Their career success is your university’s reputation.
Hallo helps your Career Services team get your students noticed, connected, and hired by visionary companies, all while building your university’s network.
Host LIVE career fairs
Instead of inviting companies to campus, invite them to Hallo, and host engaging university career fair events digitally. No swag bags necessary.
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Your university has some networking to do
Hallo helps you manage your current employer relationships while giving you the tools to attract and grow new ones with companies your students want.
Graduate to a better dashboard
Manage vendor files and requests, get up-to-date metrics on student activity and company interest, and invite all your students to Hallo in one click.
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I found my dream career on Hallo
I just wanted to express my gratitude for Hallo - I'm so grateful that it helped me to find a job after college! Without the Hallo Atlassian Event I might never have applied to Atlassian, yet alone find the recruiter's email to send her a follow up on my application. I just started at Atlassian as a Designer through their New grad program this week. Thanks so much for your help!!
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